Side Hustle Series – #1

Welcome to the first article in a new series on side hustling.

What is a side hustle? In short, making extra money other than your main job. Everyone should have some sort of secondary income, it can be a lifeline in times of need. Just as important, however, are the valuable lessons learnt along the way – lessons such as how to find clients, time-management, taxes, etc.

First on the list is consulting. Sounds scary and official right? It needn’t. Someone I follow closely (NevBlog – see the key links section under Motivation) has already written about this in far more detail than I could – so I will defer to that article. Give it a read and let me know what you think!

Picture from nevblog.. simple but effective!

One piece of advice – when people consider secondary income they tend to think big. “Is it worth it, I’ll never be able to charge ‘000s.. Probably just stick to my job”. Start small. No one starts at the top, and half the fun is growing your own business. Give yourself a goal of £10 a month. Once you’ve made some extra money, you’ll quickly find you might want to make some more…

A second piece of advice – the negative most often stated is ‘I don’t have any skills, there’s no point in trying.’ Yet everyone has skills. Everyone! Think of your key hobbies – is there any way to market these? Sports, gaming, film, music, etc. Have children? Think of all the people who don’t who could use your knowledge. Already have a job? Try starting a side hustle from your main job – transferable skills!

Have you any ideas for side hustling, any success stories, or seen some great info on the web? Let me know in the comments!

Harry x

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